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About Us: Our Farm

About Us

Who We Are

Greenbriar Farm was born of a small vision.  By small, we mean from moving from a crowded suburb to a small 2.3-acre micro-farm.  When we moved, we were pretty happy with compact farm...but then two years later we inherited 23 Irish Dexter Cattle from our parents, Jack and Mary Goodman, who were residing in Idaho.  Jack's herd was cultivated over a 40-year period, and before Jack's passing, he asked us to take three of his cows to start a herd of our own.  Then, in February 2021, Jack passed on and left the whole herd to us, along with several pieces of farm equipment.  We knew we had an opportunity to keep Jack's beloved herd going and we wanted to seize it.  We instantly started to look for more land to house our herd...and we found what we think is the perfect spot.  Twenty-four acres in Charlestown, IN.  Our future plans are to grow our Dexter herd, add chickens, a few small goats, a garden, orchard, a park, house and a natural mercantile where we plan to sell our 100% grass-fed, natural Dexter beef, cheese, milk, eggs, and produce. We welcome friends and family to follow our homestead journey...from start to finish (which we hope will remain for generations to come)!

About Us: Our Farm
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