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Steer #01

Steer #01

SKU: 21554345656008

Steer #01 is approximately 7 months old. He will be available for purchase (beef) in 7-18 months. Pre-order is available. Our Dexters are grass-fed, and 100% natural. Dexter beef has a very low fat composition, making it some of the leanest and healthiest beef on the market. Our cows are healthy and happy! All are USDA inspected at time of delivery. Packaging included. Price to be determined. You can secure your beef now and we will grow him for you! A small down payment secures your order for 2024!

Price will be approximately $10-12 per pound, but final price will be determinant on final processing weight. Packaging is included.

Live weight is also available.

Greenbriar uses only the best food supplements and minerals as needed and we are a 100% humane homestead.


    Our Dexter Beef is 100% natural, tasty and very lean! Approximately 95% lean!!

    Grass-fed, no pesticides, GMO’s added-ever! Reserve your steer by putting a small down payment to hold your beef. Half purchases may also be reserved for a small down payment if $250.00.


    We offer no refund on purchased and or consumed beef.


    When your steer is ready, we will arrange processing with a USDA processing facility. All cattle is inspected for quality. You may also choose wrapping and cuts. Processing fees are added to final cost and typically run from $250-350 dollars. Delivery AND OR pick up can also be arranged. Shipping is subject to change.

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