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Saving Buddy

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morn, Mark and I had planned on getting up early and taking a drive to Patoka Lake to check on our boat, measure the seats (we're planning on having new seats installed) and just get away for a few hours. When Mark went down to feed the cows and check on everything, he noticed the neighbors dog laying on the grass close to the cattle pen. Our girls, Bernadette and Chloe (they have French names, since they are Great Pyrenees...we felt it was appropriate to stick with the region they originated from...Oooh la la). were just going crazy as a big, white thing was lying near their domain. Mark could tell he had been hit...he was alive and he appeared to not have any external bleeding or major injuries, but we just were not sure about internal injuries. So we sat with him and waited. We called animal control but they couldn't come right away.

I called a few vets...and we still waited, and wondered what we should do. We decided to put a dog mat under him and we lifted him into the back of our truck and we took him up to the house to the garage. I was able to call and get an appointment with our local vet, Charlestown Veterinary Clinic the next day. So, we made him comfortable and we waiting for our appointment.

The next day came, and we took buddy in. Mark and I lifted him to the back of the truck and we got him in to see Dr. Caffey.. They did X-rays and sure enough, he had a fractured hip. The doctor put him on anti-inflammatory's, pain meds, and an antibiotic...and we set up a follow-up appointment for two weeks.

In the meantime, Buddy (his new name) scooted and crawled to limited areas within the garage. He didn't eat right away, which is normal when you are sick and scared. We continuously nursed him, gave him his meds, and cooked his food for him. He started eating after day two and boy, was he hungry! He is a good eater now!

Today (February 19th, 2024) we took him in for his follow-up appointment, he walked in and the girls were amazed and happy to see his progress. Doc wants him to continue to stay in the garage for two more weeks (bed rest) and continue to heal his hip. She said our walks are fine...and he will slowly return to normal.

The situation across the road was horrific, to say the least. I won't go into details, but let's just say that Buddy was not the only abuse victim. Somebody put buck shot or a pellet into Buddy's skin...and I just can't imagine how someone could do that.

Buddy will be a part of our family now. He is healing, and he's getting a lot of love! As time goes on, he'll get to go out and work with the girls (after he gets snipped, of course). The Doctor suggest surgery in 4-6 months...and although Buddy is lovable, he will not be a good mate for our girls. The Vet said "Buddy didn't get any good Great Pyrenees genes" that is that. Buddy will be ours to love and have fun with. He'll have a safe home environment here at Greenbriar Farm...that we know. He will not, however, be a Dad! LOL! We love you Buddy! Welcome to our family!


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